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  1. This purple thing will save me.
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    Been a long time/ good to be back/ My metre is off/ sorry bout that
  2. This is a test...
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    And you thought something interesting might be here. HA! This has been a transmission from the blue cell.
  3. This Is How You Describe Your Existence
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    A quote from QB. It's quite fitting as a title for something, don't you agree?
  4. Its's All In The Way You Describe It
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    ... And the level you which you choose to communicate it. Subtle Humor? Sarcastic Stupidity? Alit? Echoing statements after adding my own variables? Dish it out as exposition for the audience, whomever they might be? The previous should be put at /biog/. Sheercover: check at inform site.
  5. Its Good To Be Back
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    Hello, hello. I never thought Id be this excited about a crappy Internet connection. This has been a transmission from the blue cell.
  6. I'm So Bored
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    I can't even read - I'm down a lamp (we need bulbs) and the overhead light is too bright. There is nothing on TV, QB is using the computer for important stuff, and music will hurt my head because I can't keep the volume low. This entry should be filed under complaints. The Strawberry's birthday party is tomorrow, perhaps I should get showering out of the way... But I have this new (and absolutely delicious smelling) PHP & MySQL book. It was highly rated; so far I already know the stuff in it. Mind You, I'm only 2 chapters in. I started on it while ill. And had decent lighting. It would be grand if I could get to the parts I don't know and start practicing. Wish Granted!
  7. I Have A Flu-like Illness
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    Stomache Blah. Ache More Than Usual Blah. Now Must Try To Eat Something. Blah.
  8. Door Is Open. Cold Air Creeps Up My Feet
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    Bright. Sunny. Deceptively Sunny. You might even mistake it for brisk in a certain sense. 33 degrees. Wind chill The Same. SISIA. I give; tired, sore and in bad shape for an eleven o'clock "gathering."
  9. At Least My Headache Is Mostly Gone
    Blue Cell | 1 Jan 1970 | 12:00am GMT
    [Sent by Yahoo! Mobile.]
  10. Squeaky Ball!
    Blue Cell | 21 Jul 3968 | 5:04pm GMT
    I love my dog. This has been a transmission from the blue cell.
  11. Mercari: Anyone can buy & sell
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 17 Jun 2017 | 4:54pm GMT

    from bitly http://bit.ly/2te5if2
    via IFTTT

    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 8 Mar 2017 | 9:25pm GMT
  13. from bitly http://bit.ly/1T77cHc via IFTTT
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 12 May 2016 | 10:20am GMT

    from bitly http://bit.ly/1T77cHc
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  14. Radiohead new album A Moon Shaped Pool reviewed by an 8-year-old | News | Culture | The Independent
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 9 May 2016 | 7:35pm GMT

    from bitly http://ind.pn/1XhBSap
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  15. John Kelly Obituary - Scranton, PA | Scranton Times
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 1 May 2016 | 6:55pm GMT

    from bitly http://j.mp/1X2guG5
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  16. Book of Memories
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 1 May 2016 | 6:55pm GMT

    from bitly http://bit.ly/1W1csP6
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  17. Book of Memories
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 1 May 2016 | 6:55pm GMT

    from bitly http://j.mp/1Y1fosu
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  18. John Kelly Obituary - Scranton, PA | Scranton Times
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 1 May 2016 | 6:55pm GMT

    from bitly http://j.mp/1W0FAWa
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  19. Reaper's Revenge Haunted Attraction
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 25 Oct 2015 | 3:43am GMT

    from bitly http://bit.ly/1McAaxp
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  20. timeanddate.com
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 28 Aug 2015 | 12:28pm GMT

    from bitly http://bit.ly/1Vh2UfA
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  21. timeanddate.com
    echo (with a lowercase e) | 28 Aug 2015 | 12:28pm GMT

    from bitly http://bit.ly/1Vh2TYN
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  22. Should Congress be allowed to censor the Internet? Hell no!
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 4 Jun 2015 | 5:25pm GMT


  23. Join the Internet Countdown : Battle For the Net
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 29 Jan 2015 | 2:04pm GMT
  24. The Terrible Toe Tragedy of Two Thousand Thirteen
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 22 Sep 2014 | 11:20pm GMT
    July 24, 2013 — Had this been a written fictional occurrence, there would be at least two cases of foreshadowing readers would have encountered.

    That July morning, I stretched out my legs in front of me, noting that my toenails were due for clipping and/or filing. I didn't think too much about it, just the fleeting annoyance that comes with regularly wearing sandals in the summer. (Foreshadowing!)

    My morning continued with me watching the weekday "threepeat" of Supernatural reruns on TNT. One of the episodes was A Very Supernatural Christmas. Pagan gods end up torturing Sam and Dean during that one. I'm freaked out by even writing this, but, Sam gets his fingernail ripped completely off in the process, which looks rather painful. (Foreshadowing!)

    Well it is excruciatingly painful!

    You see, later that afternoon, I was on the horn with my sister. I don't recall what we were talking about; I suppose that doesn't matter to the story, really. I can't explain the way I was sitting on the couch. What I can explain is what happened next. It all happened so fast.

    Distracted by the conversation, I let the ash on my cigarette get too long, which led to the cherry falling onto my lap.

    I leapt off the couch into the air, frantically trying to smother the ash/possible fire by brushing my body with my hands while simultaneously screaming about fire. The flaming ash had fallen to the ground and I managed to snuff it out with my right foot.

    Keep in mind, my sister is listening to this. "What's happening?!" she demanded. "Why does my left toe feel like it's on fire?" I thought. I looked at my left toe expecting to see more flaming ash, expecting I was being burned.

    Wrong. My left toenail had been ripped up into a perpendicular position AND THAT MOTHERFUCKING HURT! EVEN LOOKING AT IT HURT! I started yelling, Jerky-Boys-style. I mean I was already hollering about the flaming ash but now I had a real problem. "WHAT'S GOING ON?!" Jenn yelled from the speaker of my dropped phone.

    I did my best to explain but I was still in shock. Mere seconds had gone by.
    Evidently, during my leap from the couch, my toenail got snagged on the material, getting tangled in such a way that tore the entire thing away from the nail bed. This ended up causing me pain I cannot describe to you. And I'm pretty damn familiar with physical pain.

    Goddamn it, that was so fucking painful.

    I continued the over-the-top wailing. My sister, thinking quickly, turned her phone's video camera on to capture the sounds of my agony. It went on and on and on. Unable to stifle it, Jenn laughed heartily. Don't feel bad, I'd totally laugh at her if it was the other way around.

    At some point my mother emerged from somewhere to see what the ruckus was about. She cut as much of the nail off as she could using a scissors as I continued crying and yelling.

    Seriously, having a nail ripped off is FUCKING PAINFUL.

    I had to go to a walk-in clinic to get it properly looked at. (I hate hospitals and I'm sure the wait would've been longer.) They gave me pills and cream along with a regimen for getting it to heal properly.
    My mother is the one who ended up caring for it, really. Even having something go near it when it wasn't all wrapped up was frightening and hurtful and would leave me crying like a baby. So I had to have my "Mommy" do it.
    God bless that poor woman.

    It took nearly a year for my nail to grow back. It took a lot to get my poor big toe back in shape.

    It was a notable incident and I've been meaning to write about it since it first happened. For whatever reason I was able to give it a go today.

    So there you have it.

  25. Happy 14th Birthday, echoing.org!
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 18 Sep 2014 | 10:42pm GMT
    You were my 1st domain. You've always been my "main" domain. I promise to keep you going as long as I live. Oh, the nostalgia!

    Yes, it was on this day in the year 2000 — after agonizing over what name I should pick (I still have the notebook with all of the other potential domain names) that I chose echoing.org to make my mark on the World Wide Web.

    Fourteen years ago, registering a personal domain was a big deal. You were making a statement and a commitment. You now had the responsibility of managing this space on the Internet. There was "work" to be done with new tools to learn.

    But there was also freedom. You were in control. You were free of adverts. If you wanted, you could host others! Give out email addresses! Or just cherish having your very own, truly unique email address.

    It was indeed a grand day for me as a "webmistress" (or "webmaster", if you prefer). I am clearly remembering it fondly.
    With it came the desire for a more serious name for myself than my previous online moniker, MOONBALL.

    Thus, the echo you now know was born. Same silly gal, just a shinier, more apt pseudonym.

    Please don't discount echoing.org because it's had the same layout for 7 years. (That's half of its life!) The Dolphin Shark version shall remain until I'm able to gain back a certain frame of mind. I'm really busy being a crazy hermit and TIME FLIES!

    In the meantime: Hooray to me for keeping it going for 14 years!
    I hope you will always find echo @echoing.org.


    P.S. Want to know more about this domain's history? Visit the.echoverse.org.
  26. The Drugs Do Work!
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 16 Sep 2014 | 12:00am GMT
    This post is dedicated to Clomipramine, without which I would be hoarding one hundred times more than I do currently.

    It helps with all sorts of stuff I previously couldn't let go of at all.

    Hoarding remains a daily fight but today, I won an internal battle.
    Having neglected the various messes I've made on the Internet (most people call them websites), I decided to update some PHP/MySQL scripts I have installed on various sites.

    I backed up the folder from the web. I backed up a MySQL database from the web. I deleted the folder and uploaded the current version of the script in question. With my database backed up, there should have been no loss of information.

    Except there was. I backed up the WRONG MySQL DATABASE!!! NO!!!
    I ran the script installer before I realized my mistake.

    All of those posts: gone. Gone, gone, gone.

    Writing about it makes me a little nervous, yet I still declare this a victory because this did not affect me the way it would have pre-Clomipramine. Those posts were from 2005. I'm a HOARDER. I probably have that shit backed up on my external hard drive.

    And if I don't, so what?

    So I thank you, Clomipramine. It's nice to know you work.
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 14 Sep 2014 | 4:34pm GMT
    While I was in the midst of that inexplicable excruciating pain, my sister (aka The Queen) took on the "case." She does that. It usually involves a lot of research of a legal or medical nature.

    She's just trying to solve problems — in this instance, mine. I poke fun at her for these actions but I have to admit 99% of the time she's correct in her diagnosis. Or with her legal advice. Or other information. Whatever. When it's health-related, I call her Dr. Loftus. (She has several AKAs.)

    Her findings are often of the worst-case-scenario variety, though. Not the sort of stuff you want to hear while you're in mystery pain. She diagnosed my Fibromyalgia before any doctor did.
    By the way, I didn't mention her "findings" to a doctor before I was actually diagnosed with FMS.

    99% success rate, people!

    Anyway, like me, she found the nothing is wrong in your mouth non-diagnosis suspect. So she went further into research mode.

    Based on the nature and location of the pain, TRIGEMINAL NEURALGIA is what she came up with. This shit used to be called Suicide Disease!

    That didn't freak me the fuck out at all...

    So, I take this news in stride, because, like I said, worst case scenario. And 1%.

    On the 9th, I went to my internist (let's call him Dr. Wolf) as scheduled. I was the first patient who put on rubber gloves during a visit with him! (Why? I had to pull my mouth open to show him where I had a sore and the various other points in my mouth that hurt and I had been reading magazines while waiting. Germs!)

    After we both removed our gloves & threw them away, he said it could be one of three things: A sinus infection, TRIGEMINAL FUCKING NEURALGIA, or from the Saphris.
    He was facing away from me when he said TN so he missed my jaw dropping. For some reason I pretended I didn't know what it was and asked for further information. He left out the suicide part. He knows I'm anxiety-ridden as it is and I'm sure he didn't want to unnecessarily upset me.

    At this point, the exam was done and I was about to leave, but my mother had barged past clerical & medical staff to join me in the room. There were reasons. She questioned Dr. Wolf about my pain & the mystery surrounding it. She then unwittingly blew my cover about not knowing what TN is by saying something to the effect of "That's what Dr. Loftus said!"

    I blurted out that I didn't know why I'd just pretended to not know what TN was. That's the truth.

    Dr. Wolf repeated what my treatment plan was: antibiotics for the possible sinus infection and some cream to put on the sore in my mouth. He said if this pain continues despite the medicine, I'd have to discuss the Saphris with my psychiatrist, but no matter what he wanted to see me in 2 weeks. Y'know, just in case I have TRIGEMINAL FUCKING NEURALGIA!

    Please let this be one of the 1% cases. I have enough problems — mental and physical. I was suicidal in the past and overcame it (though it'll always be a struggle) and I've already got FMS. I can't handle SUICIDE FACE PAIN!

    Which brings me to the good news. I've been taking the antibiotics for six days and the pain has gone away. THE PAIN IS GONE!
    I'm still not out of the woods, though. TN can go into remission for months or even years.

    Always look on the bright side of life, right?
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 10 Sep 2014 | 2:33pm GMT



    Join the Battle for net neutrality!
  29. Tooth Torture Continues...
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 8 Sep 2014 | 4:40pm GMT
    That my oral issues go on is somewhat my fault as I keep refusing to go to the ER. I hate hospitals for various & sundry reasons. I suppose I could go to one of the walk-in clinics, but I'm not a fan of those, either.

    I keep picturing the long hours waiting while being heavily reminded of loved ones that have passed. Who wants that?

    I just wish this pain would go away. I know it won't without proper treatment but I went to the dentist and they declared it a mystery. If something fucked up happens to me because of this, I'm going to sue. (If I die, my family better go for it!) I like my dentist but not enough to let the entire practice get away with whatever the fuck might happen if this continues to go untreated.

    Maybe I will go to the hospital today. If I don't, I am definitely going to make it to the appointment with my family doctor tomorrow.

    I've already let the tooth torture go on this long, what's one more day, right?

  30. There Is Absolutely, Positively Nothing Wrong with My Teeth
    [ the echoverse : all about e ] | 5 Sep 2014 | 10:55pm GMT
    So why the fuck does it feel like I have an abscessed tooth? The pain is tortuous; I can't describe it accurately, it's awful. It's throbbing and radiates from the area of one of my teeth to the front of my gums. I can't eat. I MUST document this.

    Let me take this back a bit. I recently started a new medication. (I can look up the date if necessary.) A short time later, I began experiencing what I thought was a bizarre side effect: you know that feeling you get in your ear when it needs to "pop" & you can hear your heartbeat? That was happening intermittently but just in my right ear.

    The other day I told Jenn & MOP about it (not at the same time). Both said this was likely due to an abscessed tooth. I've had an abscessed tooth before & didn't recall the ear thing, but my memory has become an issue recently. (More on that at another time.)

    I'd been meaning to make an appointment with the dentist's office for a cleaning anyway, since I desperately need it. (I've developed tartar in the most unflattering of places.) I was so afraid there were all sorts of things wrong with my teeth. I told myself to make an appointment, adding it to a to-do list on the 3rd.

    That day, September 3, 2014, I developed the pain that I described at the beginning of this post & continue to experience now. I was visiting my sister's — adding me to her cellphone plan would drop the price for both of us & I could finally have a decent phone, so she had to be present for the purchase & activation. We didn't get that done that day, but I digress. I sort of joked about me having this mouth pain after being told about abscesses and the possibility that maybe it was all just in my head. That the only reason it hurt was psychosomatic.

    As the day wore on, the pain became more and more intense. It got to the point where, on the drive home, around 4:30AM, I considered going to the ER. By myself.
    Last time I had an abscessed tooth it was a nightmare. It felt, oh, I don't know, A LOT LIKE I FEEL NOW. I should take this time to point out that I take a lot of medication for my chronic Fibromyalgia pain. This could mean that the pain would be worse — dear god, WORSE! — than it is now if I weren't taking said medication.

    Anyway, let's go back to yesterday, September 4th. I had two appointments at the psychiatrist's office at crazy times (ha ha). I definitely COULD NOT miss one of them as it was the 4th attempt to meet my new therapist. This tooth thing was/is an emergency, though, so I had my mother call my dentist's office. Miraculously, they had a 3 o'clock. (That office is always all booked up. If I didn't take the 3PM, I'd have to wait until some time next week.) The receptionist curtly informed my mother that I hadn't been there in 3 years. (I knew it was a long time but not that long.) I thought she was going to say the practice dropped me due to inactivity or something. But I got that 3PM.

    The therapy appointment was @ 2PM & these offices are 5 minutes away from each other. So I cancelled the second psychiatric appointment & let the new therapist know that my dentist is a real stickler for time.

    An aside, sort of: my new therapist is AWESOME!

    So, there I am, doing the getting-to-know-you thing with the therapist with insanely agonizing pain in my jaw. I think our introduction went well despite this.

    I was able to "check out" of the office with appointments made & MOP's Rx in time to not be late for the dentist.

    I go in there, expecting at least an abscessed tooth, fearing much more. They took x-rays from many different angles, looking to assess the damage. I'm thinking I'll be leaving there with a prescription for antibiotics and all sorts of future appointments to address the horror happening within my jaw. (I was given no pain medication for my first abscessed tooth due to the fact that I'm already taking something. Again, it was a nightmare.)

    Well, the tech examined the x-rays and said she couldn't find a single thing wrong with any of my teeth and, in fact, my mouth was in good shape for someone who hadn't been in for 3 years.


    My dentist comes in. He examines the x-rays, digs around my mouth, taps on some teeth, I respond with yes, this hurts. I should've said the pain is excruciating. Maybe I did. Yet he, too, says he can't find a damn thing wrong with any of my teeth. The two of them declare it a mystery. A MYSTERY!

    Now I had explained to the tech that I recently was put on Saphris and that it's a sublingual dose. That I had thought the ear stuff was a side effect of it. That my sister & brother-in-law floated the abscess theory. That this pain was akin to the pain I felt back when I did, in fact, have an abscessed tooth, leading me to believe all of this tooth pain was something wrong with my chompers.


    They found NOTHING.

    Yet here I am, in tormenting pain, unable to eat, scared to brush my teeth.

    The dentist & tech said my treatment would be a good cleaning (which I have to wait until the 15th for!), because maybe there are some food particles jammed down underneath my tooth or something & maybe that's causing the pain. Maybe I had "hit" my tooth & this was like a bruise that will heal over the next few days. Maybe it was from the Saphris — do I sleep on my right side? Also I should eat soft foods while we wait for this to go away. Maybe this, maybe that...

    Basically, they don't have a fucking clue about the origins of my mysterious mouth pain.

    I can't help but suspect it's from the Saphris. Jenn dug around on the Internet for side effects and found a listing of "toothache" in the "less common" list. But from only one source. Toothache isn't on the pharmacy leaflet that comes with my medicine. (I am well aware that the information on those leaflets aren't complete.) But I can't really call this a toothache, that word doesn't cover it.

    So I don't know what to do. I made an appointment with my family doctor because my mother and sister urged me to. But the appointment is on the 9th, four long, unendurable days from now. I don't see what he could possibly do about this other than refer me to a fucking dentist!

    There Is Absolutely, Positively Nothing Wrong with My Teeth. Yeah, right.
  31. Jared Padalecki's Eyes
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 28 Jul 2013 | 3:54pm GMT

    Ever wonder what colour Supernatural star Jared Padalecki's eyes are? Take a peep at those peepers here!

  32. This Was Television
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 6 Jun 2012 | 8:00am GMT

    This site's tagline, "FLIPPING THROUGH TELEVSION'S PAST", along with the promising premise moved me to endorse it on SU.

  33. Thoughts I Feel I Need to Share
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 18 May 2011 | 11:36pm GMT

    From the page: "Weird things I thought or did as a kid

    We all said, thought, or did stupid/weird/strange things as kids. I decided to share with you some of the crazy shit that I thought or did. Iâ€m gonna break it down into three blogs by age."

  34. Don't Worry Geeks, You're No Longer Freaks. Unless, Of Course, You're A Girl.
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 10 May 2011 | 11:25pm GMT

    From the page: "Anyway, there's still plenty of room for geek elitism and differentiation.

    Watch the new Doctor Who? Come back when you've watched all the classic Doctor Who.

    Watching Game Of Thrones? Go read Game Of Thrones.

    Read the Lord Of The Rings books a few times? Go learn Elvish.

    Quote Star Wars from back to front? Try going to Star Wars Celebration dressed as Salacious Crumb.

    Play D&D? Uh...yeah, actually you still have fringe geek covered.

    The mainstream is still the mainstream. Even if it borrows some of our toys, we still have more than enough deeper enjoyment that is our own.

    Posted by: DarthCorleone at May 10, 2011 7:13 PM"

  35. William D. Morrill Creative | THE KING OF LIMBS
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 2 May 2011 | 6:33pm GMT

    From the page: This project was inspired by Radiohead's new album by the same name, it was created to express the sound of each song on the album through graphic design. Each piece was created while listening to the respective song on repeat and it's colors were determined by the sound and feel of each song.

  36. kirako.net
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 10 Apr 2011 | 5:28pm GMT

    From the site: "When the beginning of 2011 rolled around, I tried very hard to continue working on my site and actually made a lot of progress! The overall design itself had been finished since 2010, I just had to design the content for each section and get everything working right. But in March, I did some heavy thinking. I'm not who I was before all that happened in 2010. I'm still not sure what my specific interests are on the web outside of my profession. Also I was getting tired of feeling stressed and pressured to finish a project that I wasn't sure I still had the heart to complete.

    But... I still wanted an online presence. So at the end of March, I finally made the decision to just have a static site with a different design for the time being. A simple one that explains who I am and then showcases my hobbies both online and offline. I don't have a blog at the moment because I don't know if I'm ready for that yet, but it may return sometime in the future. :)"

  37. Grumpy Grammar
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 27 Jan 2011 | 2:21am GMT

    From the page: "For example, the abbreviation 'i.e.' stands for 'id est' (i.e. it means 'that is').This is commonly but wrongly confused, for example, with 'e.g.', which stands for 'exempli gratia'. Fascinating isn't it? Probably not, but we shouldn't misuse these very useful items."

  38. The Eschatalogical Laundry List - Zoklet.net
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 22 Jan 2011 | 5:25pm GMT

    From the page: "An Eschatological Laundry List
    A Partial Register of the 927 Eternal Truths "

  39. Breaking TCA 2011 News: Alyson Hannigan weighs in on the BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER Movie Reboot
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 14 Jan 2011 | 3:59am GMT

    From the page: "â€oeA BUFFY [THE VAMPIRE SLAYER] movie without Joss, I would crap on that,” Hannigan told the press. â€oeJoss was Buffy.”"

  40. Recovery Tips: Think Lost, Not Stray | Missing Pet Partnership
    StumbleUpon | echoic's comments & reviews | 12 Jan 2011 | 9:20pm GMT

    From the page: "The phrase "THINK LOST, NOT STRAY" was developed by Missing Pet Partnership as means to send out a new message designed to reunite more lost dogs and cats with the families who love them. Our message to the animal welfare industry and citizen rescuers is this: many of the "stray dogs" and "feral cats" that come into your care are actually lost pets with families who would do anything to get their companion animal back home. Before you work to give a found dog or found cat a new home, THINK LOST, NOT STRAY!"

  41. Writer's Block: Looking Back
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 20 Apr 2009 | 1:34am GMT
    Apparently my first post was heat-related. You must be so hot, little friend.
    For those not interested in clicking that link, I've quoted the post below:

    [echo] ([info]echoic) wrote,
    @ 2001-07-26 04:50:00
    "It is 4:50 AM and 81 degrees in this room - despite the fact that I have several fans going. It's too bad my Patton (Vornado-style) is in another room. It is currently being utilized by the alien-joseph as a sleeping aid.

    My foot hurts, how about you?"

    The "little friend" I refer to is one of my guinea pigs. The Internet Archive tells me it's Fred I'm referring to... I feel sad that I had to look it up to be sure I wasn't talking about Franco.

    Looking back evokes so many different emotions.
  42. 53 Weeks Later...
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 3 Dec 2008 | 10:43pm GMT
    'Tis been 53 weeks since my last LJ update. Having said that, this won't be much of an update.

    I'm going to install Dee's vs.tweet, but not here. That's going to run over on echoverse.lj.com.

    You can find sporadic updates over at the main page of echoverse.org. Further options on locating me shall be forthcoming.

    Hey, does anyone else think it's time I updated my photo? Well, I don't care if you do, I'm going to do it at some point. The one currently being shown is from 2005!

  43. The Radiator, The Cellar, and that damned furnace!
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 24 Nov 2007 | 11:30am GMT
    "I'm afraid of what's in the cellar."
    Look here, fruitcake. Or go to the shoddy "main" page.
  44. E-Z PASS NO CASH: The E-Z PASS Anniversary!
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 30 Jun 2007 | 5:02pm GMT
    It has now been (a little more than) five years since E-Z PASS first captured the hearts of me and hallways.

    To celebrate the 5 year anniversary of our first E-Z PASS violations, I shall re-post Jennzah's original LJ entry documenting the experience.

    27th-Jun-2002 08:23 am
    first off. anyone who lives on the east coast, do YOU, your FAMILY, or anyone you KNOW have the E-Z Pass for the Jersey Turnpike or wherever? this pisses me and echo off severely. we hate the E-Z Pass (though it makes us laugh PROFUSELY, we have not stopped laughing about it for hours).

    we went to NYC today. first off. we did not know that you needed and E-Z Pass. we do not have an E-Z Pass. so here we are all ready to go into the Lincoln Tunnel. we accidentally went into the E-Z Pass lane. i was videotaping and Echo was driving and all of a sudden these two burly cops come up and say "HEY! turn off the camera" and tell me i cant tape in the tunnel. (severe fines, as in TEN GRAND!) then Echo has six dollars out tryin to give it to the cops because she is unaware she was in the E-Z Pass lane.

    this is where our E-Z Pass troubles started for the day.

    apparently it was an E-Z Pass NO CASH lane.

    he informed us that Echo would be sent a bill in the mail and sent us on our merry way.

    so we stayed in the city untill 11:30 p.m

    we left the city.

    this is when the REAL trouble with the E-Z Pass fuckers started. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THESE E-Z PASS NO CASH LANES? we must have gone through like seven of them. Echo is going to get hunted down and thrown in the slammer. all because she does not have an E-Z Pass! and because those fuckers on the Jersey Turnpike fired all the money collecters so they are ALL E-Z Pass NO CASH lanes! so we had to skip through them.

    now mind you, we kinda screwed up going out of the city and were half way to Atlantic City by the time we figured out that we'd fucked up. so we had to turn around and go back towards NYC. BUT THAT WAS E-Z Pass's fault! we had to go through TWO of those fucking E-Z PASS NO CASH lanes! GRRR. they got our license plate. and possibly even photos of us.

    but we got their photo too. and video tape.

    The only place they did not have an E-Z Pass NO CASH lane was by the Delaware Water Gap going into Pennsylvania.

    so. i ask. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THIS E-Z Pass thing? FUCK YOU, E-Z Pass! me and echo are going to infiltrate and take it down, we swear.

    even though it's so funny we nearly die. LOL.

    and that was our day in new york.

    pictures to come.

  45. A funny walk down memory lane, circa 03/12/03 12:07 PM -0500
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 5 Jun 2007 | 9:31pm GMT
    Mephistopheles of Morning Television
    by Good Time Charlie

    Well, I have something I must report to you.

    This evening, as most respectable little boys and girls lay snooze, my
    domestic partner and I happened to catch eye of a most disturbing sight
    indeed. There, on our late night telly, an obviously intoxicated Al
    Roker, clad in a three button white suit and aquamarine shirt a' la Miami
    Vice danced the Batusi in perhaps the lewdest and most vulgar fashion
    either of us had ever witness. Legs twisting, arms flailing, and his
    thick pelvis gyrating as if to maintain the movements of a hoola hoop, The
    weather man in question strutted about like a possessed rabid rooster in
    The coup de gras, however, came when the overzealous fat man snatched the
    drink away from a horrified Conan O'Brian so that he could take a gaping
    mouthful of the liquid inside only to spray it all over the unfortunate
    television host like an elephant might spray his companion on a hot day.
    The stunned Irishman could do little more than sit motionless behind his
    desk in apparent awe of the shenanigans taking place before him.

    I hate Al Roker. I think that he is one of the most useless and annoying
    characters found on television today. And what exactly is his job anyway?
    He is certainly no reporter. I think one would have a difficult time
    calling him a meteorologist based on the fact that he gives only the the
    most vague and general of weather reports. He announces the birthdays of
    a few hundred-plus year old relics and holds the microphone for a few
    "lucky" lookers on out in Rockefeller Center and that's about it.

    Yet, I have digressed from the original reason for this report. (I'm
    quite stoned, so you'll have to forgive me and my oh, so verbose writing.)

    Al Roker, despite his atrocious participation on early morning television,
    should not be to blame. After all, he is only following the insipid
    formula of his predecessor- his Caucasian counterpart- the ebullient
    buffoon known as Willard Scott !!!

    He is the real one to hate. His ridiculous laugh, his unnatural love of
    the aged, his equally useless weather reporting. He is an evil that
    should go the way of the Dodo!

    Your sister, however, has never heard of him in her life. I'm shocked by
    this. I mean, like him or not, I have always considered Willard Scott to
    be one of those ubiquitous, low grade television harlequins that every
    American recognizes.

    I hate his stupid mug. Always up in the camera like he's going to come
    through the screen and attempt to give me a slobbery kiss.

    Back wicked demon!! I rebuke thee!!!

    Anyway, we just wanted to know if you had ever heard of him.
    Awefully long email just to ask a simple question, eh?

    I am attaching a photograph of the offender that I'm sure you'll laugh at
    as much as we did.

    Love Always,
    -Max Ex Mick


    Re: Mephistopheles of Morning Television
    by echo

    Number 1: Do I have your permission to reprint this e-mail on the Internet?
    Number 2: Jennifer is insane. She knows who Willard Scott is. Her memory
    has to be jogged in some way unkown to me, for at the moment, I, too am
    stoned. Therefore the run-on sentence thing is getting out of hand.
    (This is why I write things over and over. Jenn thinks it's funny that I
    proofread my e-mails and often go through drafts, etc. I AM A WRITER.
    WELL, I DO THAT. Just as I can be verbose. Something you & I have in

    Let's get back to Willard Scott. I know he started it, but can you be
    more specific about what it is that triggers such emotion in you? When
    Hammond's brain finally clicks and she recognizes who we're talking about,
    I'm sure she'll have a very passionate stance on this matter.

    Damn if I'm proofreading this. No retyping, blah blah blah. My left arm
    still hurts from a certain incident that is just not worth going into.
    What I'm trying to type here is,

    I'll message you later,
    Love ya more than my luggage,
    Kara Lynn

    the sky turns green
    where i end and you begin
  46. On Vox: QotD: The Main Cast
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 24 Apr 2007 | 2:37pm GMT
    View echo’s Blog

    Who are the most frequently mentioned people on your Vox blog? Submitted by Amirul B Ruslan.

    » Read more on Vox

  47. How appropriate.
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 15 Mar 2007 | 2:51pm GMT
  48. Merlin induces hysteria.
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 6 Mar 2007 | 7:44am GMT
    Last night, something terrifying happened to Merlin. His legs started giving out, causing him to fall several times.
    Boy, did he have us all upset (that includes Merlin himself).
    The first incident happened when I let him in from outside. As my mother and I watched in horror, he fell on his side and started kicking his legs hysterically to try to get back up. I can't really describe what it looked like. When he was able to right himself, he was scared - totally freaked out.
    Seeing that happen, along with his reaction, made everyone panic, which in turn made him even more nervous.

    Mom immediately thought it was an epileptic fit. I knew it was not. My beloved Boko, our late canine family member, had epilepsy. So I know an epileptic fit when I see one. This certainly was not - Merlin was quite aware of what was going on, his eyes weren't glazed, and the "fit" lasted much less than a minute. I can understand Mom wanting to label it as something familiar...
    If it wasn't epilepsy, what the hell was wrong with his legs?
    He seemed to be asking us the same question.
    Arthritis? Did he get hurt outside? Are we going to have to get a dog wheelchair? Because I totally would. If he ever needs one of those, he's getting it.
    He was clearly uncomfortable. He wouldn't lay down, stand or sit still for long. He kept moving around to test his legs. This caused more falls.

    On the advice of a veterinarian (not his), we gave him some baby aspirin. (Boko had arthritis as well, and we used to give him aspirin.)
    He started to feel better. He was also getting tired, and that kept him from moving around so much.

    We took him to his vet today. She got a good look at how he was walking and acting (taking into account the adrenaline rush he gets when he goes there), took his temperature and discovered he has a fever.
    She thinks it's a virus, and that it's making his body ache. There's also a chance that he slipped outside - it's been pretty icy.
    He is now on two prescriptions; she's holding off on doing blood work and other tests to see if he responds to the medication.
    Already he seems to be feeling a bit better. Best of all, he isn't falling all over the place.
    We're to call the doctor tomorrow and the next day to keep her apprised of the situation.

    It's working so far, but we can tell he doesn't feel well. My poor baby :(

    I was kind of bracing myself for the worst. I cannot express in words how relieved I am. He's sick, but it's something treatable, something non-fatal. Phew.

    I'm telling you right now:
  49. Tick, tick, tick, tick.... Call 911!
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 12 Feb 2007 | 12:30am GMT
    I'm having a horrible day, physically speaking. I phoned my mother, who was downstairs, from my bedroom. I was trying to relax in bed, but I had to ring Mom to give her a list of items I need from the store.

    During our conversation, she yelled, "HEY!" followed by the unmistakable noise of Merlin moving the kitchen table about.
    "The dog's moving the table. I know why he's doing it."
    She went on to explain that one of the burners on our gas stove was continuously ticking. Normally they make that clicking noise when the pilot light is going to ignite the flames. I don't know about you, but that sounds to me like gas was be steadily distributed into the air.
    Mom was so blase about the whole thing. Obviously none of this concerned her in the slightest.

    I got off the phone with her, called Jennifer to order her downstairs to investigate and possibly alert someone of this potentially explosive situation.

    Jenn came running back up to tell me to get fully dressed, we'd probably have to go outside. I went to the top of the steps and immediately smelled something. (Maybe that was all in my head, but I definitely detected an odor that was awfully gas-like in nature.)
    After yelling this out, I proceeded quickly to the kitchen to check things out for myself. Mom had gone ahead and lit the offending burner, which I suppose would keep gas from filling up the house.
    The dog was acting very nervous.
    He knows when something isn't right. He was trying to warn us, for Christ's sake! That's why he was moving the table; it was his way of getting this message across.

    Mom, on the other hand, was sitting there as if nothing was wrong. She even blamed Merlin's anxiousness on me, and told me to put him outside - not for safety's sake, but to stop him from pacing, shoving the table, etc.
    She also told me something I previously did not know. This has happened to the oven before!

    I started opening windows and doors for fresh air. Jenn & I were quite upset, questioning Mom, pointing out why this was such an extreme safety violation.
    Interspersed among all of this were my pleas to Jennifer to call someone.
    "Call someone! You have to call someone!"
    She asked me for the phone number to the fire department. The phone book only has 911 listed for fire-related incidents. Though she didn't want to call 911 for this, it was our only choice.
    Mom didn't want anyone to be called, remained nonchalant and kept trying to convince us that things were fine, we're overreacting. I should qualify that: she was indifferent about the stove, but vehemently against any sort of authority making a visit.

    Furthermore, she started closing the windows and demanded I shut the front door because "we're not heating the neighbourhood!"

    Jenn phoned 911.
    Meanwhile, Mom lit a cigarette in the kitchen! She could have blown up the place!

    I returned to the front door and held it open. I saw a firetruck approaching...

    A cute fireman came into the house to inspect the stove. He was followed by a man in a special uniform and hat. I can only assume he was in charge or perhaps some kind of fire inspector as I was too concerned about the ticking stove to get a good look at his uniform. Or to submit queries unrelated to the matter at hand.

    The two men checked everything for us. It turns out there wasn't a gas leak.
    They unplugged the oven to make it stop ticking. Special Uniformed Hat Man took a lighter and waved it around different areas of the oven to prove we aren't in danger of an explosion and/or fire.
    As he did this, Jenn stepped back. He said, "Gee, you're not very trusting, are you?"
    Forgive us, sir, we were raised by a Safety Director. Things going up in flames always seemed imminent, what with all the warnings Dad imparted throughout our lives.

    Mom couldn't believe we didn't trust her judgment regarding the burner not being a potentially lethal problem.

    While the firefighters were here, they voiced something that Jenn and I know quite well, whether Mom wants to take it to heart or not.
    It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Damn straight!
  50. A Peach Card
    Digging to the rhythm and the echo of a solitary siren. | 2 Jan 2007 | 7:19pm GMT
    This is going to come out wrong due to my current state of mind. I feel apologetic about it because I wish my words would be a fitting tribute of some sort...

    Peaches, it's my uncle's name. He's actually my great uncle and we never called him "Uncle Peaches" - just Peaches, everyone called him Peaches.

    He was a simple man. He was a great artist. For every special occasion he would create a personal card just for you. The back of it always had the date with his card signature:
    A Peach Card

    When I was a young girl, I loved Unicorns and Pegasuses. I thought I was the first person to come up with the idea of the two merged into one, a Unisus or a Pegacorn.
    Peaches made me a poster with the four animals - a unicorn, a pegasus and because I couldn't decide what to name the mixed breed, a pegacorn and a unisys. What a fond memory I have of him.

    Peaches died just after Christmas. The viewing is today.

    My favourite memory of him is the time he said this to me, without any prompts and after I hadn't seen him in a while: "I don't care what anybody says about you, I still love you."
    He said it because he wanted me to know it, that regardless of all of the bullshit happening in our family, he wasn't against me personally, and wasn't choosing sides. His feelings condensed to one simple sentence that spoke volumes and meant a lot to me. It still does.

    He was one of the good ones.
  51. ---> echoic.livejournal.com
    this is how I come and go | 5 Oct 2006 | 5:32pm GMT
    Back in January of '05, I opened another one of these babies here at livejournal.
    It can be found here: echo_la_lia

    I keep this around for archival purposes.

    Just thought you should know.

  52. Memories Fade
    this is how I come and go | 23 Dec 2005 | 7:17am GMT
    I'm going to post this everywhere. Found it on Trendwhore!Myspace.

    (Thanks to selenak for the "Description!Something" format, which I found here. I think I'll be using that a lot...)

    Leave one memory of you and I together as a comment--it doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Don't write me, leave a comment. Next, repost this bulletin and see how many people leave a memory about you. Its actually pretty cool to see the responses.

    -- that was written by someone else.

    Here are my remarks:

    Make me remember anything; my memory sucks. How we met, something funny we did together, the "time we...", whatever you can think of.
    Besides, this is pretty cool. So do it. Do it now.
  53. my purse, which can also be used as a weapon
    this is how I come and go | 4 Feb 2005 | 9:10am GMT
    I say that so often that I'm getting a bit restless. Although many purses (or bags, as some call them) may be used as defense mechanisms, mine are a cut above the rest. Currently I'm on #4, and my accessory arsenal continues to grow. But still no pursings to report! There has been mention of pursable offenses, however no-one seems to make good on their threats. Bastards.

    I want to use my purse as a weapon! I know it all sounds very violent. That's because it is. But you should see these babies. They have metal parts! Combination locks and keys! Straps and handles enabling one to 'handily' switch between close-up _and_ perimeter defense/offense positions!

    I should upload photos. Next up - my cd case, which can also be used as a weapon.
    See more progress on: use my purse, which can also be used as a weapon, as a weapon
  54. like a fish needs a bicycle.
    this is how I come and go | 4 Feb 2005 | 8:28am GMT
    I have always been a clumsy sort with very poor balance. For those and other certain reasons, I have never learned to ride a bike.
    There have been attempts, I assure you. They just always worked out terribly. Not being able to ride a bike is just silly, so one of my goals is to ride a bicycle footloose and fancy-free before I'm thirty.
    Then I can move on to another -cycle.
    See more progress on: learn to ride a bicycle
    this is how I come and go | 31 Jan 2005 | 9:15pm GMT
    My father is going into hospital again tomorrow. He will spend the night there and the next day, he is going to have QUADRUPLE BYPASS SURGERY. He has a 75% chance of making it, but he believes that today is going to be his last day at home. His concern is obvious to me: fear of dying during the operation. I, too, am afraid. I know this sort of surgery is done all of the time, but it would really help if you could pray for him and/or send positive thoughts/vibes/feelings - whatever fits into your personal beliefs.

    I'm kind of a "religious freelancer"; I don't associate myself with any particular faith, but I do believe in a higher power (or powers). I also believe in the power of prayer, whether the person thinks of it as a "prayer" or not. For instance, if someone hopes for something, and I don't mean for a new car, money, or materialistic things - I mean for the important things in life. Like if you hope for someone to recover from an illness or for a friend to finally have the strength to leave an abuser - thoughts like that. I consider that a prayer.

    Prayer, wishes, hoping, thinking of someone - it really does help. I also know that everyone else who has been praying/hoping/thinking/wishing/etc.for the best has already helped.

    Thank you in advance,
    a very nervous echo.
  56. there are people out there like that
    this is how I come and go | 24 Jan 2005 | 12:36am GMT

    What is your weird quotient? Click to find out!
  57. Similar to the death clock; it's a fun quiz.
    this is how I come and go | 24 Jan 2005 | 12:23am GMT

    I am going to die at 58. When are you? Click here to find out!
  58. I'm a LOSER!!!
    this is how I come and go | 24 Jan 2005 | 12:16am GMT

    I am 88% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!
  59. The Nerd Facto
    this is how I come and go | 23 Jan 2005 | 11:38pm GMT

    I am nerdier than 45% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!
  60. AN OLD PEPSI SIGN!!!!!!!
    this is how I come and go | 23 Jan 2005 | 11:07pm GMT

    Thank you, jennzah.